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Hybrid Gas Furnace Systems

AC Source is proud to be your #1 source for providing you only quality AC conditioning and heating solutions. Our highly efficient dual fuel systems are available for your ultimate comfort and convenience. This is hybrid system is not only cost-effective, but also utilizes a variety of automated components. Here are some highlighted features inherent within hybrid systems:

  • Automatic heat pump / furnace switch – A great benefit to using hybrid systems are their ability to automatically switch from heat pump utilization to a high efficiency furnace system depending on the outdoor temperature.
  • Highly energy efficient – Dual fuel systems are really the best of both worlds. In warmer weather your system will be able to not only create a comfortable cool temperature for your home, but will also filter and clean the air. Furthermore, these systems have the ability to heat your home in colder climates by using electric heat. These heat pumps extract heat from the outdoors into your home as opposed to electric furnaces or other electric heating systems which have to create heat.
  • Cost Effective – Because hybrid systems use highly efficient heat pumps instead of in conjunction with gas furnaces to warm a household, this saves on operation costs.
  • Less maintenance – Thermostat and temperature sensor technology make installing and maintaining a dependable heating system a breeze.

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