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How Central Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Work


■    Usually central air conditioning systems are built as a split system. The compressor bearing unit is positioned outside of the home while feeding an indoor coil which is installed with the furnace inside of the home.

■    The electric compressor transfers refrigerant through the indoor system to collect and remove heat and moisture.

■    The moisture and heat from inside the home is then processed through the cooled indoor coil. This allows the heat and moisture to be cooled.

■    The cool air is then released and distributed through the interior of the home, helping maintain a cool and comfortable temperature. The heat and moisture is channeled to the exterior of the home.

■    Central air is supported through either a package unit or heat pump


■    Indoor comfort during warm weather – Central air conditioning allows your home to keep cool and reduce humidity levels.

■    Clean air – While your central air conditioning system draws air out of various rooms, the air is then pulled through a filter which removes any potentially harmful airborne particles. This filtered air is then channeled to an air supply duct that carries the air back into the rooms.

■   Quiet operation– The compressor bearing unit is located outside of the home, which heavily reduces the operation noise you would otherwise hear in a stand free AC unit.

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