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16 SEER Dual Stage Communicating A/C Systems

16 SEER Dual Stage Communicating A/C Systems

The DSXC 16  SEER Outdoor Unit:

The newest ASX16 series 16 seer ultra-efficient Goodman air conditioning condensers represent the latest generation design, packed with high technology features -- like the Copeland Scroll compressor, absolutely the smoothest, quietest, most durable compressor ever developed. Modulating compressors provide more precise temperature control, lower humidity, and greater energy efficiency in comparison to fixed capacity compressors. The Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressor modulates between two capacity settings, 67% and 100%. Two internal bypass ports enable the compressor to run at 67% part-load capacity during times when only part-load heating or cooling is needed. When demand increases, the modulation ring is activated, sealing the bypass ports and instantly shifting capacity to 100%. Running for longer periods at part load capacity (67%) lowers the humidity inside your building and allows the HVAC system to operate more quietly.

Because it has fewer moving parts, there is very little to wear out. In fact, over time this compressor actually “wears in” and becomes more efficient

Your system will spend about 80% of the time operating in low-speed cooling, the system will operate for longer periods in a super efficient mode resulting in lower operating noise, better humidity control, and less variation in temperature throughout your home.

And, because of the flexible capacities offered by two-stage compressors it's like having two systems in one - During the very highest demand times, your system will operate at full capacity for maximum cooling and heating output.

During the rest of the season, your system will operate at reduced capacity for maximum energy savings and humidity control.

It all adds up to the lowest possible energy costs and comfort like you've never experienced before.

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